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We partner with conscious businesses committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Partnership for the UN SDGs


At FAIRACTION, we focus on Goal 6.1 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is to provide access to safe drinking water for all. As an advocate of water equality, we introduced a “Conscious Business Program” which enables businesses to actively contribute to achieving the SDGs while enhancing their enterprises’ performance. 2000+ businesses have partnered with us via this program.

A recent Price Waterhouse Cooper survey revealed that 78% of citizens were more likely to buy goods and services from businesses that pledge to support the SDGs. This statistic is significant in that it highlights those businesses supporting the SGDs can help increase their sales, enhance their customers’ loyalty and, as a result, become more successful.

Partnership Benefits

  • Attract new business partners and relationships
  • Attract new business partners and relationships
  • Increased shareholder return
  • Increased customer and brand loyalty
  • Provide a motivating purpose for your business and employees
  • Increased employee engagement, moral and retention
  • Increased sales of products or services
  • Recognition for the good that your business creates in our society
  • Marketing opportunity

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Your donation means giving children access to clean drinking water.