Hello, we are FairAction

An Australian water charity


Our mission

To provide sustainable access to safe and affordable drinking water for everyone, everywhere, starting with Nigeria.

Why Nigeria?

Nigeria is the most populous African country, where an estimated 55 million people are still living in extreme water poverty.

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A key development challenge facing Nigeria is how to provide its population with reliable, safe, and affordable water service. Lack of adequate and sustainable water infrastructure causes women and children to walk an average distance of 3km daily to fetch water from dirty and contaminated ponds.

No, it’s not pretty, but we take action.

FAIRACTION has spent more than 5 years working in collaboration with other charities, government departments, and professional organisations to develop a holistic solution to the global water availability issues. FAIRACTION’s approach targets technical, social, financial, institutional, and environmental factors collectively so that they interact with each other to create lasting sustainability of the water infrastructure in Nigeria. Our business model groups FAIRACTION’s strategic approach into 5 areas of priority:

  • Innovation & Technology

    Mapping and monitoring of water sources and infrastructures, developing smart hardware, and creation of data management app to predict the viability and sustainability of water projects

  • Construction of Infrastructures

    Development of smart water infrastructures with 100% sustainability rating

  • Water Sales

    Generates income to fund the cost of maintaining and sustaining our water infrastructures

  • Governance & Management

    Important local connections

  • Maintenance & Capacity Building

    Strategy for the future

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Innovation & Technology

In collaboration with Essential Need Projects, we have designed and developed the Target 6.1 Map, a centralised and transparent management system which records and tracks sustainability and functionality of water supply facilities throughout Nigeria.

The Target 6.1 Map explained

A pilot project on the Target 6.1 Map was implemented in Ekiti, Oyo and Osun states during 2018–2019 and was successfully completed in September 2019. Currently, the Target 6.1 Map is in use in more than 1600 communities across Nigeria.

  • Our research aims to ascertain where the 55 million Nigerians who lack access to clean drinking water live; the interrelated challenges they face, and how a sustainable water solution for their communities can be provided. Our research work can be viewed on the Target 6.1 Map

  • The Target 6.1 Map is colour coded, and each colour code represents the status of a community water source as indicated in the image above.

  • Our ultimate goal is to achieve the deep green status for every community. Establishing this status for every community means that we have achieved sustainable access to clean drinking water for all.

internet of things

We use water level sensors to predict and plan for future use of water.

FarmBot support us, providing their sensors for our projects in Nigeria
FarmBot support us, providing their sensors for our projects in Nigeria
  • Tracking our revenue for maintenance, operations and investment repayments
  • Alerting us in real time if there is damage to the water infrastructure
  • Reducing water wastage by detecting leakage in pipes and storage areas.
  • Tracking our revenue for maintenance, operations and investment repayments
  • Alerting us in real time if there is damage to the water infrastructure
  • Reducing water wastage by detecting leakage in pipes and storage areas.

The IoT enables us to manage water infrastructures effectively and efficiently. Intelligent equipment and infrastructures monitoring helps reduce operational costs and facilitates 100% functionality of the infrastructures. The IoT’s digital sensors and tools deliver insights that enable utilities to predict and plan for future usage of water.

As seen in the chart, the IoT sensor provides live reports of water usage from our smart water kiosk at Oluyole, Abeku community.

Click here to view live data from Oluyole Abeku community smart water kiosk.

Construction of Infrastructures

Statistics show that the traditional approach by the government, NGOs and water aid providers in Nigeria doesn’t work, as more than 58% of Nigerian water infrastructures are non-functional. Despite well-intended efforts, intervention attempts to sustainably lower this statistic have been largely unsuccessful.

Meet our solution – Smart Water Kiosks

1Security Fence and Gate
2Tap Head - smart gadget monitors and reports the volume of water fetched from the taps in real-time
3Kiosk attendant outlet for water sales and communication with consumers
4Access door into the kiosk. What's inside the kiosk? The kiosk attendant, solar gadgets, IoT gadgets, water supply control, power control etc...
5Roof top housing the water tanks
6Solar Panel
Oluyole water kiosk Ibadan, Oyo1000 beneficiariesLaunched on 21 May, 2020

Independent water source

Each water kiosk functions upon its own borehole – its own sustainable water source. We choose locations where the boreholes are able to pump 20, 000 litres of clean water every day and benefit over 500 people.


Sarah Reng OchekpeOluyole kiosk attendant

Each kiosk outlet has an attendant for maintaining the borehole, educating locals, cleaning up, reporting the facility functionality and selling water.

Water sales

By charging a minimal fee to all water consumers, less the extremely disadvantaged, we are able to fund the costs of maintaining and sustaining our water infrastructures.

  • we sell water for
    10 Naira per Jerrycan
  • which is just
    $1 per 1000 litres
Are Nigerians ready to pay for their daily water consumption?

We conducted a “willingness to pay for water” survey in Ekiti, Oyo and Osun states. Six hundred low income individuals were polled across the three states (200 from each) to assess their willingness to pay for their daily water consumptions

92% of participants are willing to pay for their water consumption

Governance & Management

FAIRACTION has established a solid relationship with the governments of Nigerian states. Working with these states’ governments, FAIRACTION will continue to encourage them to formulate and manage policies that promote project sustainability.

Osun state

18 dec 2019
Partnering with the Osun State Department of Water Resources to expand the use of our Target 6.1 Map across every community in Osun State.

Maintenance & Capacity Building

As we strive to install 9,200 solar powered boreholes with smart water kiosks in Nigeria within the next 4 years, FAIRACTION will work to sustainably improve and strengthen its internal capacity so that it is better able to achieve its objectives and fulfil its mission. The organisation will continually work to improve its strategy, planning, construction capacity, structure, systems, staff, management style, networking, innovation, and technical competence.

We operate with numbers,

but we only care about people.

We know they need us, and what we do is important for them.

We know we change their lives for better.

oluyole water kiosk launching
  • "Since FAIRACTION came to our rescue and constructed this water kiosk for us, we pray that may God grant us the ability to utilize the water station effectively for our wellbeing."
    Mrs. Folasade Adisa
  • "Opening of Oluyole water kiosk in Ibadan was a local celebration. People value the benefits of this water source for their community."
    Mrs. Latifat Agboola
  • "We thank FAIRACTION so much, that even so as the world is becoming more evil, we still see such organisation who stand out for doing good."
    Alhaji. Akorede A

We celebrate our victories together.

And we believe there are many of them ahead.