Vision, Mission & Our Team


Our vision

A world where everyone has access to clean drinking water.

Our mission

To provide sustainable access to clean drinking water for everyone, everywhere, starting with Nigeria.

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Our strategic priorities

Our plan groups the main strategic approaches into 5 areas of priority:

  • Innovation & Technology

    Data-based monitoring solutions

  • Construction of Infrastructures

    Sustainable water kiosks

  • Water Sales

    Self-paying sustainable system

  • Governance & Management

    Important local connections

  • Maintenance & Capacity Building

    Strategy for the future

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Our core belief & role

Our core belief

We believe that water is more precious than gold. It’s the essential ingredient of our life, our culture, our history, and our future. And therefore, everyone should have access to clean drinking water. We are driven by the view that providing this basic life need to communities suffering from extreme water poverty is the foundation towards breaking the cycle of all poverty.

Our role

We will be advocates for the people we serve. We will endeavour to be catalyst for change in the community. We will be stewards for the safety and security of the people we serve.

Our core values

  • Hope

    We will instill hope by opening doors to opportunity
  • Equity

    We strive for equity and fairness
  • Integrity

    We act with honesty and accountability by honouring our commitment
  • Respect

    We share and show esteem, appreciation and embrace diversity and treat people with respect
  • Self Determination

    We recognise that individuals are responsible for their own development and have the freedom to choose

The Board

FAIRACTION is registered as a charity in Australia and Nigeria and operates according to Australian and Nigerian charity and not-for-profit legislation.

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Leading the Project and Operation Team

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Change the world with us

We are team of passionate individuals committed to changing the way the world tackles extreme water poverty.