Workplace giving

Workplace giving is a positive relationship that benefits employees, employers and charities. Making regular donation to FAIRACTION through workplace giving is an easy way for employees and employers to donate towards our cause and it is one of the most sustainable way to support FAIRACTION.

About workplace giving


What is workplace giving?

Workplace giving provides staff the opportunity to make a pre-tax donation to a registered charity directly from their pay. This reduces employee’s taxable income immediately to ensure the financial benefits of giving are felt with their next pay. Charities also no longer have to administer tax-receipts at the end of the year, providing both donors and charities the most efficient and simple model of giving. Employers also have the opportunity to match employee donations and cover all program related expenses to ensure their workplaces’ goodwill goes further.

Why should I donate via workplace giving?

Donations made via Workplace Giving are made before tax is taken – resulting in an immediate reduction in your tax paid. You will get the tax benefit upfront at the time of the donation, you won’t need to wait until the end of financial year to claim it back or collect donation receipts. So – not only do you benefit financially, but you also gain the feel-good factor from making an ongoing contribution which has the power to positively transform hundreds of lives.

Can a small donation make a big difference?

100 Employees X $1 per day makes $36,500 per year. $36,500 can give an entire community access to clean drinking water.

How will I know my impact?

Real time report from all our projects can be view on the Target 6.1 Map. You will be able to see the volume of water consumed daily from the project you sponsored

Why should I choose FAIRACTION as my beneficiary charity?

Workplace giving donations are a low cost, reliable, regular and sustainable way to support FAIRACTION’s mission. This means that you are personally ensuring that FAIRACTION can continue to the achievement of United Nations Sustainable Development of clean water for all.

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Your donation brings safe drinking water to people in need

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